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Dear Colleagues,

EFM is pleased to announce that effort reports for the fall 2023 and winter 2024 release periods are now available through the Effort Reporting System. To comply with UCOP requirements, the certification deadline for this release is July 29, 2024.

Reporting Period Non-Academics and 11/12 Academics 9/12 Academics Certification Due  Date
Fall 2023 October 2023 – December 2023 July 2023 – October 2023 July 29, 2024
Winter 2024 January 2024 – March 2024 November 2023 – February 2024 July 29, 2024

As we begin this certification session, we’d like to remind ERS coordinators, reviewers, and certifiers to be mindful of upcoming and past certification due dates. Incomplete or improper effort reporting is a compliance violation that could result in audit findings, potential disallowances, and/or the withholding of federal research funding. If your department has any outstanding effort reports from previous releases, please complete certifications in ERS as soon as possible.

General Reminders and Reference

  • Effort reports affected by known UCPath defects have been marked as “Under Preliminary Review.” For information on how to identify and address flagged effort reports, please visit EFM’s special instructions page
  • ERS includes earnings through the pay-end date of 3/31/2024, with subsequent earnings to be loaded monthly.
  • Please see ERS FAQs for helpful information related to effort reports.

We appreciate your cooperation and prompt attention to this matter. Should you have any questions or need assistance with your effort reports, please do not hesitate to contact the ERS Help Desk.

Thank You,

UCLA ORA – Extramural Fund Management