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Dear Colleagues,

EFM is pleased to announce release of the tool to view Effort Report Certification status in a more dynamic way under the ORA Portal Compliance Tab. For quick reference, see the Compliance Tab in Portal.

Screenshot of ORA Portal - Compliance Tab

Updated Effort Reporting Certification page will now include four tabs:

Screenshot of Effort Reporting Certification page
  1. Home” is the default landing page updated nightly, providing effort report certification rates by quarter by academic year.
  2. Enhanced “Search” enables users to view and sort data through additional filters and to export the data.
    Screenshot of Search Effort Reports

  1. New “Charts” offers the users to visually review reports by various filters including Under Preliminary Review.
    Screenshot of Effort Reporting Charts
  1. New “About” includes effort report status definitions, links to ERS resources, and general ERS information.

Your feedback is welcome and appreciated. For any questions or suggestions, please contact ERS Support at

Thank You,

UCLA ORA – Extramural Fund Management