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Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for providing us with feedback to the initial draft of expenditure types that were sent in February 2019.  Attached is the latest version of expenditure categories and types, which will replace today’s sub-object codes. As communicated at the RAF on November 14, 2019, this will be the list you will use every day to describe what types of expenses are being charged to sponsored projects in Ascend. With this, it is important that we refine this list together as a team for our future state of business processes. Please take the time to review the list and assess if this will meet your financial and management reporting needs for sponsored projects.

The file includes the following four worksheets:

  • Expenditure Type List
  • Unallowable Expenditure Type
  • Object Code Mapping Summary
  • Object Code Mapping Details

The “Expenditure Type List” shows a complete list of future expenditure categories and types including unallowable expenditure types. “Unallowable Expenditure Type” is a subset of the first worksheet for your easy reference. Please refer to slide 19 in the attached November 2019 RAF presentation for the process to charge unallowable types of expenditure to sponsored projects in Ascend. Two worksheets for object code mapping will help you easily reference between today’s object codes and future expenditure types. The RAF presentation can be also found at the ORA RAF website.

Your feedback is welcomed and greatly appreciated. Please submit any comments or questions to me at by the extended deadline of December 13, 2019.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Yoon Lee
Director of Extramural Fund Management