Research Finance

The Post Award Administration document contains two parts:
The Effort Reporting document contains two parts:

The following classes are offered by EFM twice a year. You may register via the UCLA Learning Management System (LMS).

  • RAPID Closeout Tool (1 Half-Day Session)
  • Effort Reporting (2 Half-Day Sessions)
  • Post Award Administration (2 Half-Day Sessions)


PAMS Access

PAMS Application

Worklist shows upcoming and past due closeout packets and financial deliverables that require departmental action. Data shown on the worklist is in real-time to ensure users have the most updated information. Depending on user's access, you can view the worklist for deliverables and closeout packets that are pending your action or those pending the action of someone else in the department.

Fund Search allows users to search for closeout packets assigned to users in their department, based on due date criteria. The report may display more results than the worklist and can be used to plan portfolio assignments.


EFM Presentation at RAF

Research Finance

Effort Reporting


Fiscal Closing