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Dear colleagues,

The Central Resource Unit (CRU) has released a new Benefit Cost Transfer (BCT) process. This process is to be used when a benefit expense needs to be moved separately from the salary expense it was posted with. The previous benefit transfer process has been discontinued, so all benefit transfer requests should be submitted by departments to CRU using the Excel form and instructions found on the following CRU web page effective immediately:

All BCT requests that are moving an expense either to or from a C&G fund will now require email approval by the EFM accountant assigned to the fund. Departments must submit EFM’s email approval to CRU along with the BCT form.

This topic will be covered at the upcoming Research Administration Forum (RAF) on Thursday, June 18th. Key information on the process is provided below.

Departments will submit the BCT request Excel form directly to the EFM accountant via email when benefit costs need to be moved either from or to any C&G fund. The Excel form includes four questions that must be answered by the department for all requests plus one additional question required if the transfer meets the high risk criteria. These questions must be reviewed by the EFM accountant and are similar to the questions required for Salary Cost Transfers in UCPath.

Please note the following additional key points pertaining to Contract and Grant (C&G) funds:

  • The CRU deadline for departments to submit FY19-20 BCT requests is Monday 6/29/20. If EFM approval is required, departments should submit the request to the EFM accountant via email by Wednesday 6/24/20 to allow time for review.
  • Departments can now request benefit cost transfer to move an unallowable expense from a C&G fund at any time; requests are no longer limited to transfers required for the close out of a C&G fund.
    • Business scenarios include removing unallowable types of benefit expenses on NIH training grants, removing benefit in excess of benefit cap rate, etc.
    • Note that benefit cost transfer requests for UCPath defects will not be processed at this time, as CFS/CRU will be posting financial journals centrally for UCPath defects prior to fiscal close. More details will be sent to campus soon.
  • BCT functionality is not yet available in UCPath so CRU will continue processing financial journals for the time being.
  • Requests previously submitted as part of the old benefit transfer process do not need to be resubmitted to CRU via the new BCT request Excel form. CRU is working to process all previously submitted benefit transfer requests.

Please contact the EFM accountant assigned to your fund with any questions. Thank you.