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Effort Reporting Reminder:

As stated in prior notifications, our goal is to have all overdue effort reports certified by the end of the year. Therefore, this is a reminder that all outstanding effort reports from Spring 2006 to Spring 2010 are due by Friday, December 31, 2010.  As of today, 12,457 effort reports are in an opened or partially certified status.  All effort reports with statuses other than Certified require review and certification by one or more certifiers. In addition, we recommend you review those effort reports with a Not Required status for cases where cost sharing or reporting effort without salary is required.

To complete your certification, please log into the Effort Reporting System (ERS).

If you need assistance, contact the ERS Help Desk at

Let’s work together to get UCLA at 100% certification by December 31, 2010!

Thank you,

Extramural Fund Management