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Dear Colleagues,

We are now less than a week away from the effort report certification deadline of August 31, 2019.

As of today approximately 46% of the reports released this period have been certified. In order to be compliant, please take a moment to logon to ERS and complete open reports by the certification deadline.

General Reminders

  • Please see ERS FAQs for helpful information related to effort reports.
  • Principal Investigators (PIs) are required to include committed cost sharing when certifying effort reports.
  • PIs must self-certify their own effort reports.
  • Non-PI effort reports can be certified by either the PI, the employee, or an authorized certifier with first-hand knowledge of the employee’s effort.
  • Unless an effort report status is “Certified” the report is considered “Open” and requires review and certification.
  • Effort reports with a “Not Required” status should be reviewed and verified to determine if effort or cost sharing should be reported.

For any questions, please contact ERS Support at

Thank You,

Extramural Fund Management