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We are excited to announce our first Effort Reporting Open House! The session will take place 2/17/2011 from 10 am – Noon at ORA: 11000 Kinross Avenue, Conference Room 212.

– What: The Effort Reporting Working Group will be available to answer your specific questions regarding your open effort reports. We will have laptops set-up in order to pull up your effort reports live.

– When: February 17, 10 AM – Noon at ORA 11000 Kinross Ave., Conference Room 212

– Why: We have heard your feedback that it would be helpful to have one-on-one question and answer sessions to address your very specific needs related to effort reporting, with your real life examples at our fingertips.

– What Types of Experts will be Present: We will have our Effort Reporting Working Group team members on hand, with special expertise including, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Certified/AdjustReqd Reports
  • 9/12 Summer Salary and Effort
  • Multi-Line Certification
  • Negative Effort Reports
  • Exception Reports
  • Howard Hughes Medical Investigator Effort Reports

– What Should I Bring: Please bring any questions or issues you have related to your effort reports. We will have laptops on hand to access ERS for you.

We hope that this Open House will allow you to talk with our team about your specific effort reporting questions and help UCLA obtain 100% certification!

Thank you,
RAPID Effort Reporting Workgroup