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The effort reports for the Fall 2013 and Winter 2014 quarters are now available in the Effort Reporting System. You can access your department’s effort reports and begin the certification process. The certification deadline is Tuesday, July 29th, 2014. If you have outstanding effort reports from previous quarters, we ask that you continue to work on those too.

Please remind your Principal Investigators that they are required to self-certify their own effort. All other effort reports can be certified by the Principal Investigator, the employee or an authorized certifier with first-hand knowledge of the employee’s effort.

System Upgrade:
ERS has been upgraded to version 10.10 and includes the following enhancements and bug fixes:

  1. Report version number, version date and report status has been added to the payroll details page.
  2. A new configuration level option to bypass schedule type assignment logic in the case of a combination of 9/9 and 9/12 appointment has been added.
    • Ex: Those with a 9/9 appointment will be correctly classified as a 9/12
  3. The “preliminary review” flag can now be updated from the “View Effort Report” screen after a report has been “Certified”.
  4. The account department search, when the “search certification required” box is checked, will search for current effort reports and non-zero efforts only.
    • In most cases, it will not display “Not Required” reports

If you have any questions related to the enhancements and/or fixes, please contact the ERS help desk.

Note: Unless an effort report status is “Certified” the report is considered “Open” and requires review and certification. Even Effort Reports with a “Not Required” status should be reviewed and verified to determine if effort or cost sharing should be reported.

ERS notifications are sent to employees that are assigned the Coordinator’s function in DACSS and to employees that subscribed through the ERS Listserv. To subscribe to this mailing list: Send an email to: (Subject and body of the e-mail can be blank).

For any questions, please contact ERS Support at

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