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Please be advised that the Spring and Summer 2013 effort report certification period is fast approaching. The anticipated release is the week of October 21st. As of today, the campus overall certification rate is 98%. In an effort to achieve 100% certification, all open reports must be certified before the next release. If you have any reports that remain open from previous quarters, we ask that you continue to review and certify them before the next release. You can access your department’s effort reports at:

If you would like more information and training about effort reporting, a course is being offered:

Effort Reporting
Monday, October 21, 2013
9:00 am to 3:00 pm
10920 Wilshire Center, Suite 1080

You may register via the UCLA Learning Management System (LMS) at:

Finally, please remind your PIs that Principal Investigators are required to self-certify their own effort. All other effort reports can be certified by the Principal Investigator, the employee or an authorized certifier with first-hand knowledge of the employee’s effort.

For any questions, please contact ERS Support at:

(Hint: If an effort report status is not “Certified” the report is considered “open” and requires review and certification. Effort Reports with a “Not Required” status should be verified to determine if effort or cost sharing should be reported.)