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Dear PAMS Users,

We have reorganized PAMS effective 9/4/20. Our hope is this new page/tab layout will better serve the needs of our users. When you log into PAMS, you will now see six tabs. Details about each are below.

Display of the six tabs

There are no changes to this section.

Award Overview 
This tab houses award notes and sponsor information.

Financial Deliverables 
This is the Deliverables tab with a new name to clarify that it’s for financial deliverables only.

This is the Fund Details tab that you’re used to seeing. We’ve also added the Fund Attributes page, which includes closeout packet information.

Management Reports 
This is the same Reports tab with a new name to clarify the purpose of these reports (managing funds).

This tab is the same, but the pages underneath are more focused on overall PAMS cluster administrative tasks.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your EFM Accountant.

Thank you,

Phone: 310-794-0008