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Dear Colleagues,

Below are a few updates related to the NRSA childcare allowance procedure communicated at the September 2022 Research Administration Forum (RAF):

  • To facilitate reconciliation for childcare expenses that will post to the same Earn Code and Object Code as the stipend payments, departments can consider the following options.
    • Enter a Project Code in UCPath when processing the allowance. This will segregate childcare expenses from stipends in payroll ledger and general ledger.
    • Link a separate 7xxxxx Account-CC for the childcare allowance. EFM can set the F&A rate at 0% for the Account-CC. This will eliminate F&A adjustments.
  • The letter of attestation referenced in the September 2022 RAF presentation is available on the Standard Forms and Other Resources tab on the EFM Website. This form is for departmental use and is not required to be submitted to EFM.
  • When submitting a Benefit Cost Transfer (BCT) to EFM to remove the unallowable benefit expenses charged to the childcare allowance by UCPath, leave the debit FAU blank. EFM will process the journal using the central funding.

Refer to the RAF presentation slides and announcement sent September 7, 2022 for details on eligibility and the reimbursement process.  If you have questions, contact your EFM Accountant or Manager.

Thank you and have a great day!

Yoon Lee
Senior Director, UCLA Extramural Fund Management