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Dear PAMS Users,

We are excited to release enhancements to the Notes and Attachments page in PAMS!

On this page, you will find important and unique invoicing and/or financial reporting requirements that need EFM’s and Department’s attention, as well important documents related to financial deliverables for each award.

You can access this page two ways:

  1. On the Deliverables List page, a “Notes” field will indicate if there are notes associated with this award. The indicator is hyperlinked to the Notes page for the award.
  2. Navigate to the “Administration” tab and click “Notes Search.” Search for your fund and you will be directed to the Notes page for the award.


Enhancements include a “Created Date”, showing when the note was originally created, and a “Latest Updated Date”, showing when the note was last edited. To view the edit history, click the icon under the “History” column.

Screenshot of Notes field


The Attachments grid is a new addition. EFM can upload documents for retrieval by PAMS users. Attachments can include budgets, important correspondence, reporting requirements, or other files relevant to the award.

Like the Notes grid, you will see a “Created Date”, “Latest Updated Date”, and “History” column. You will also see:

  • A high importance marker, displayed as a star, on the left of the grid
  • An attachment category indicating the type of document
  • An “Attachment Name” column with a clickable document title, allowing the user to preview and download the attachment

Screenshot of Attachments grid

If you have any questions about these new features, please reach out to your EFM Accountant or PAMS Help. 

Thank you,

Phone: 310-794-0008