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Dear PAMS Users,

We have released a new PAMS feature to identify sponsored research funds that cannot be fiscally closed due to pending UCPath resolutions. As of today, the enclosed attachment contains 10 known reasons impacting sponsored research funds. As you review your portfolio, if you have any cases that fall under these scenarios, please inform the EFM accountant and updates will be made in PAMS. Funds affected by these issues are viewable on the Deliverables List page. More information is provided below.

There are two UCPath indicators on the Deliverables List. They are located the Institution header and the Fund headers.

Institution Header

This indicator is titled “UCPath Issues” and can be found on the bottom right of the header. A “Yes” indicates one or more funds associated with this institution number are pending UCPath resolution. A “No” indicates no funds associated with this institution number have been identified as pending UCPath resolution.

UC Path Issues displayed

Fund Header

This indicator is titled “Pending UCPath” and can be found in the fund grid headers. If you are viewing an award with multiple fund numbers (MFNOA), there will be multiple fund grid headers. If any of the fund grid headers indicate “Yes”, the Institution header will also indicate “Yes”.

In the fund grid header, a “Yes” indicates one or more UCPath issues have been identified on this fund and are pending resolution. A “No” indicates there are no identified UCPath issues pending resolution on this fund.

Pending UCPath displayed

UCPath Popup

Clicking the hyperlinked fund grid indicator will generate the UCPath Popup. The grid in this popup lists known UCPath issues impacting sponsored research funds and notes the status of each issue. For a brief explanation of each issue, click the blue i button to generate the UCPath Issue Descriptions popup. At the bottom, the history grid tracks the changes related to this award.

UC Path Popup displayed

If you have any questions, reach out to your EFM Accountant.

Thank you,

Phone: 310-794-0008