EFM’s move and important deadlines

ORA is moving to 10889 Wilshire Building (formerly known as the “Occidental Building”) during the 2016-17 Winter Closure, beginning December 23, 2016 through January 2, 2017. EFM has established the following important deadlines in an effort to continue to ensure compliance with timely financial reporting requirements of sponsored project funds. Please be advised that not adhering to these deadlines may pose significant consequences that can impact invoicing and/or reporting on affected sponsored project funds.

Soliciting comments for the New Closeout Procedure for Sponsored Project Funds

EFM has enhanced the Federal Fund Closeout Procedure to be applicable to all sponsored project funds. The new procedure is planned to go into effect January 1, 2017. A draft of the procedure is now available on EFM website: http://ora.research.ucla.edu/EFM/Pages/Closeout/CloseoutResources.aspx. Questions and comments are welcomed through November 30, 2016 and may be sent to: EFMOperations@research.ucla.edu.

EFM RAPID Closeout Tool Course

This course will teach users how to effectively use the closeout tool to help manage and close out awards. You may register via the UCLA Learning Management System (LMS) at http://lms.ucla.edu.

EFM Newsletter – Inaugural Issue (Spring 2016)

We are happy to announce the inaugural issue of the EFM Newsletter! We’re excited to provide a way to keep you informed of current developments at EFM and beyond. Your topic suggestions are welcomed and appreciated! E-mail to EFM Operations: EFMOperations@research.ucla.edu

Spring and Summer 2015 Effort Reports Notification!

The campus on-time certification rate was 90%. UCLA’s overall completion is 99% certified for Spring ‘06 – Summer ’15 quarters. Go UCLA! Note: The effort reports for the Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 quarters will be released in April.

Spring and Summer 2015 Effort Reports Notification!

This is a reminder that the Effort Reporting certification deadline, Friday, February 5, 2016 is in 30 days. To date, 20% of the Spring and Summer 2015 quarters effort reports have been certified. We encourage the campus to access your department’s effort reports at: http://ers.it.ucla.edu and continue with the certification process.